Flowers Vs. Food Gift Baskets: Which Is Better?

There is no doubt that receiving a delivery of a food gift basket or bouquet of flowers is a day-brightening experience for the recipient. Flowers and gift baskets make people happy and encourage them to feel better. It is also true that the reasons for sending flowers and gift baskets are as varied as the bouquets and basket contents themselves. Do you ever wonder which is a better choice to send a friend in need or on a certain special occasion? Read on for some information that may help you decide.


From the happy expression on the face of a person receiving a delivery of fresh flowers, you know from simple observation that person is happy and feels better. But did you also know there is actual scientific evidence to indicate flowers actually do help people feel better?

Researchers conducted a ten-month long study to determine what( if any) link there was between flowers and satisfaction with life. They did this by measuring demonstrative responses to receiving deliveries of flowers. The results of the study indicate that:

• Flowers’ impact on a person’ s happiness is immediate. When each participate received flowers, they expressed “excited” or “true” smiles, demonstrating gratitude and delight. This universal reaction occurred in all age groups.

• Flowers’ positive effect on moods is of long -term. Participants reported feeling less agitated, anxious, and/or depressed after a delivery of flowers. They also demonstrated a higher sense of satisfaction with life.

• Flowers make intimate connections. The flowers’ presence led to increased contact with friends and family.

In addition to the other results, it is also important to note, said. Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones, the study leader, that the flowers were placed in areas of recipients’ homes open to visitors. This suggests that flowers are a symbol of sharing. They make a space welcoming and “create a sharing atmosphere”. (Study results courtesy of the Society of American Florists)

Another study also conducted at Rutgers University measured the behavioral health effects of flowers on senior citizens. This six-month study’s results are significant because our national population is aging and we need to understand easy and natural ways to enhance the lives of aging family members. The study demonstrates:

• Flowers Decrease Depression: When flowers were present, the participants were significantly happier and demonstrated more positive moods.

• Flowers Refresh Recent Memory: The presence of flowers allow seniors to perform higher on everyday memory tasks and experience enriched personal memories.

• Flowers Encourage Companionship: After receiving flowers, seniors re-engage with people in their communities and grow their social contacts to include more neighbors, church friends, and such.

A small dose of nature can do wonders for our emotional well-being as we age. The study reports that a significant 81 percent of the seniors participating experienced a reduction in depression after receiving a delivery of flowers.

Flower deliveries bring joy, lift spirits, ease depression, increase the desire to interact with others, stimulate seniors’ intellect and memory, and add beauty to the environment. Flowers are always an appropriate delivery for loved ones.

Food Gift Baskets

Food gift basket deliveries make beautiful and tantalizing displays that people are delighted to receive. They can be mountains of fresh fruits, combinations of fruits and nuts, baskets of candy and cookies, or of a combination of much different varieties of food stuff such as canned meats, jellies and jams, beef sticks, crackers and cookies, pastries, chocolates, macaroons, and other items. Many come pre-packed and ready to order or you can design and fill your own.

The benefits of fruit for people who are ill and recovering are many. They are rich natural sources of vitamins and minerals, rich in dietary fiber, provide the energy and nutrients needed to curb weight gain, are heart healthy, and safe for those with cancer and diabetes. The health benefits are greatest when they are eaten raw.

Nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients and energy. Their health-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Their omega-3 fats have anti-inflammatory action and they are rich in minerals. They are a nutrition powerhouse in a small package.

Food gift baskets are excellent for special occasions, “thinking of you”, and cheering someone up. Everyone can find something to like and eat in a food gift basket. The drawback to being aware of when ordering food baskets is when you are sending them to someone who is sick at home, elderly, or hospitalized.

Food Baskets in Case of Illness: Find out from friends or family of the person if they have any dietary restrictions that affect what they can or cannot eat. For example, someone receiving chemo may only be able to tolerate certain types of food.

Food Baskets for the Elderly: Again, check on dietary restrictions and ask about dietary favorites. Many elderly people have trouble with diverticulitis and cannot eat nuts and seeds, but would appreciate bananas, which are rich in the potassium they need to prevent leg cramps.

Food Baskets for Those in the Hospital: Many hospital patients are on diets prescribed by their physicians. They also have no way to refrigerate the basket’s contents. Choose one that has items the patient can eat and can be left out without a problem.

Food gift baskets are an exciting, eye-catching treat that clearly says, “You are remembered.” Remember these cautions and you should have no problems should you choose a basket of flowers as your gift of choice.

Which is better?

Both food gift baskets and flowers can brighten someone’s day. Which is better for the person to whom you plan to have it delivered depends on who it is, why you are sending it, what the occasion is, and what you hope the outcome of receiving your gift will be. The choice is yours and now you have the facts you need to make a good one.