Heathy Fruits Do Not Have To Be Expensive

While superfruits, including acai, guava, and acai make the news as great sources of antioxidants, there are also benefits of eating ordinary fruit. Health benefits of the ordinary fruits, such as apples, strawberries, grapefruit, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, and tangerines are pretty impressive. While lower in antioxidants than the exotic fruits, they are also more affordable. Adding these more ordinary fruits to your diet is a great healthy habit.

Apples do their part in keeping doctors away, especially when you look at their benefits regarding heart health. You do not have to stick to fresh fruit for the benefits. Dried apples, consumed daily have been shown to lower the bad cholesterol levels in women by 23 percent while increasing the good cholesterol by 4 percent. Dried apples are rich in fiber due to pectin and they also provide polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Apples also provide protection against COPD and asthma.

Strawberries offer an affordable and tasty way to reduce the risk of cancer of the esophagus. Just two ounces of these berries, preserved by freeze drying can reduce the lesions in people with precancerous growth in their throats. While scientists are unsure of the reason strawberries reduce the growth, they are investigating the fruit as an alternative to other types of cancer treatment. Strawberries are also good for the heart. Strawberries for dessert after a high carb, high-fat meal help to reduce its blood clotting and inflammatory effects.

For patients diagnosed with insulin resistance, grapefruit can reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. The grapefruit can come in the form of the fruit, juice or as a pill. In addition, grapefruit is a healthy way to increase weight loss. However, before you start adding grapefruit to your daily routine, be sure you check with your doctor if you take prescription medication. The fruit can cause undesirable side effects in many medications.
Grapefruit contains naringenin, which can prevent the formation of kidney cysts. Polycystic kidney disease, a hereditary disease causes kidney failure and increases the blood pressure. While the disease has no known treatment, the chemical in grapefruit, and all citrus fruits may be able to stop the cysts from forming during the early stages of the disease. Other research has shown the some of the phytochemicals in grapefruit can prevent colon cancer.

Blueberries are another common, yet healthy fruit. A compound in this small fruit can work with vitamin D in mice to fight off infections. It is not clear if humans can receive the same benefit; however, they can limit the amount of fatty tissue formed in the body. They can serve as a sweet treat and only contain 88 calories per cup. Blueberries help to improve memory and learning, due to the antioxidant responsible for the bright blue color of the fruit.

While traditionally consumed from a can with lots of added sugar, other forms of cranberries offer health benefits without the sugar. Fresh or dried cranberries can help to prevent cavities. They have natural antibiotic properties that also provide a benefit for the bladder. Cranberry consumption helps to prevent infections of the urinary tract. They can even help prevent some forms of stomach ulcers.

Red grapes contain some of the same chemicals and health benefits found in blueberries. They can also prevent hypertension and plaque deposits on the artery walls. They help to prevent inflammation, by blocking the chemicals that cause it, reducing the stress on cells and antioxidant action. High in resveratrol, they improve heart health and the formation of several types of cancer. Red grapes help to reduce cholesterol levels. They also provide many of the same health benefits of red wine without the alcohol.

These orange fruits provide protection from type 2 diabetes, stroke, and coronary artery disease. Mice fed a typical American diet, that is high in refined sugar and fat who also consume tangerines, show no cholesterol increase. The diet also did not affect their blood sugar or insulin levels. Tangerine peel has an anticancer effect. If you do not want to eat the peel, try zesting it and adding it to tea.

Shopping the outside aisles of your grocery store is a great way to save money on your food budget. When that aisle includes the produce section, you can choose affordable fruits to stretch your food budget and enhance your health.